Wooden Flooring Suppliers and Installers South Africa

Wooden Flooring Suppliers and installers South Africa

Wooden flooring suppliers and installers Zuberi Flooring are the go to brand when looking for real wood flooring. Zuberi Flooring are direct importers, distributors & installers whom specialize in Oak engineered & solid Rhodesian teak wooden flooring. This is supported by an array of decking products, which include Rhodesian Teak, Garapa, Massaranduba & Thermo Treated Ash. Zuberi Flooring supplies and installs throughout South Africa, and has permanent teams in Cape Town, Jhb & Nelspruit.

The service which is offered is full turnkey; which can be described as quotation to handover. All projects are assessed, quoted, supplied, installed & guaranteed by Zuberi Flooring. A one stop operation, where clients have peace of mind that everything is handled under one umbrella. This is backed by 16 years of industry excellence, and top tier staff.

Why Choose Zuberi Flooring?

A widely asked question is, what makes Zuberi Flooring a market leader in the turnkey environment, especially when there are several other companies to choose from?

The answer is delivering the highest quality result – from beginning to end. Let’s take oak engineered flooring for example; offering a high end oak engineered flooring product only forms a fraction of the overall outcome. Does the installation follow all the correct criteria to match the quality of the flooring product?

This is where Zuberi Flooring takes the reins, by enforcing strict quality controls at every junction, and following monitored installation methodologies. Below are to name only a few aspects relating to this;

*Directly imported products from reputable vetted suppliers

*Imported glues from Belgium – a floor is only as durable as the glue that bonds it together. Taking no shortcuts to ensure the correct adhesion and overall quality of the flooring. This is especially vital when oak engineered flooring is subjected to the harsh South African climate

*Oiled with Vesting – A single coat, Dutch made oil that offers durability without compromising the natural look/feel of the wood. It is applied using stringent guidelines to assure protection & beauty and is offered in large choice of colours.

*Highly trained in-house installation staff & site managers – This is a critical part of the process, as a wooden floor is only as good as the installation.

*Professional pre & post installation assessments to make sure that only the highest level of quality is provided.

*Guarantees offered on the entire service, from supply to installation.

*Aftercare training & services offered to all clients

The attention to detail during assessment, installation & handover is key to delivering a world class result. Zuberi Flooring takes pride in this ethos, because if there is a kink in any aspect of the chain, the end result may be undesirable. Quality & value come without compromise.

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