Engineered Hardwood Flooring Advantages

Advantages of Engineered Wooden Flooring

Engineered hardwood flooring is a great investment for any property. It is a timeless product that never goes out of style, and improves and beautifies with age.  Wooden flooring has been used as a flooring finish for thousands of years, and has stood the test of time.

Engineered wooden flooring is a great alternative to solid wooden flooring as it is built up of multiple layers of hardwood with grains running in opposing directions.  This construction method gives the flooring board immense dimensional stability resulting in the possibility of creating extremely wide hardwood flooring.  Solid wood flooring is a great product as well, except that in most cases the flooring is limited to a maximum width of 120mm, and much shorter lengths.

Most solid hardwood flooring is machined to about 18mm thick. The tongue is about 7mm thick, and sites in the center of the board. This leaves a use full hardwood wear layer above the tongue of about 5mm, which is much the same as an engineered hardwood flooring board.

Because engineered hardwood flooring is so dimensionally stable, it lends itself to many installation methods including gluing down directly onto a concrete screed, and floating on an underlay. The detailed finishing of an engineered hardwood floor is also much neater, as we are able to install it with much smaller expansion gaps then that of a solid floor. The lifespan between and engineered hardwood floor and a solid hardwood floor is almost identical as the wear layer above the tongue is similar in thickness.

Zuberi flooring carries a huge range of hardwood engineered flooring, including European Oak, Siberian Ash, and American Walnut. Majority of our stock is in our Johannesburg based warehouse.  We also have two showrooms in Johannesburg, and one in Nelspruit. Zuberi Flooring also supplies and installs all of its own flooring and does not make use of Sub-Contractors. Zuberi Flooring also installs using all of its own imported products, such as our glues and our oils from Vesting in The Netherlands.

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